| Peter M. Bartfeld, Esq.

Practice Areas

Business and Corporate Law. Mr. Bartfeld’s work in the business and corporate area encompasses a wide variety of commercial matters, including: transactional work; mergers and acquisitions; venture capital; private placements; corporate, partnership and limited liability company work; finance, bank and other loan work; licensing; distribution; employment; franchise; and general contract work.

Hotel and Restaurant Law. Mr. Bartfeld has performed extensive legal work for clients in the hospitality industry, providing corporate, real estate, regulatory, licensing (liquor, cabaret, catering and other) and general commercial legal services for some of the leaders in the industry, including Restaurant Associates, the Riese Organization, Benihana of Tokyo, the Sheraton Hotels, and numerous other restaurants and hotel operations.

Immigration and Visa Law. As a complement to his practice in the international law area, Mr. Bartfeld works together with special immigration counsel to satisfy the US visa and immigration needs of his international clientele.

International Law. Beginning with his years at Cornell and New York University, Mr. Bartfeld has maintained a strong interest in international legal, political, economic and business matters. A substantial portion of Mr. Bartfeld’s practice is in the area of international law. About one-third of Mr. Bartfeld’s work has been for foreign clients, and he has developed a specialty in handling the needs of overseas clients conducting business in the United States.

Litigation. Ancillary to his work as a commercial and real estate lawyer, Mr. Bartfeld has substantial experience in the area of commercial and real estate litigation. During his first ten years as a lawyer, Mr. Bartfeld practiced primarily in this area, focusing on complex contract disputes and real estate litigation. Mr. Bartfeld continues to work with clients to achieve efficient and favorable results in litigations, arbitrations and other commercial dispute situations.

Real Estate Law. Mr. Bartfeld performs substantial work in the real estate area, including the sale and purchase of properties, such as office buildings, shopping centers, factories and warehouse facilities. He assists individual clients with their personal residence transactions, including private homes, cooperatives and condominiums. Mr. Bartfeld has special expertise in the leasing area, having negotiated many hundreds of office, retail and other commercial leases, representing both landlords and tenants. Mr. Bartfeld also provides counsel in other real estate areas, including: architect and engineering contracts; construction; mortgage loan, financing and refinancing; shopping center development; and building code and zoning work.

US Investments. Mr. Bartfeld has guided numerous foreign individuals and companies in their investments in United States properties, including real estate, securities, companies and other assets. Mr. Bartfeld takes the time to work with his clients so they may acquire a better understanding of the unique and often complex US business and legal environment. Where appropriate, Mr. Bartfeld works with other investment professionals, such as real estate brokers and advisors, investment bankers and other consultants, in locating and analyzing varying investment opportunities.

Other Legal Areas. Where appropriate, Mr. Bartfeld works with partners and affiliates to provide additional expertise in some of his areas of practice. These legal areas include trademark, tax, wills, estates and trust planning, probate, matrimonial and patent law.

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