| Peter M. Bartfeld, Esq.

Cost Savings

The boutique nature of Mr. Bartfeld's practice allows him to concentrate his energy and resources on his clients' legal needs. Professional services are provided at levels comparable to services provided by attorneys at large New York City area law firms.

However, the bureaucracy, high overhead, and professional overstaffing sometimes found at larger firms are eliminated in the smaller practice setting. Instead of focusing on law firm administration, Mr. Bartfeld concentrates on providing his clients with the best possible professional services.

Mr. Bartfeld's lower overhead expense structure, and a more efficient method of practice, results in the delivery of high-quality legal services at a dramatically lower cost level than is otherwise available at many large New York City area law firms. Billing rates for large firm attorneys with backgrounds comparable to Mr. Bartfeld can be in the range of $700 per hour or more in New York City. Mr. Bartfeld's billing rate is significantly lower.

In addition, to remain as competitive as possible and to attract business to the smaller firm environment, Mr. Bartfeld often arranges for reductions in the range of 10% off his basic billing rate, thereby allowing for even more significant savings on the otherwise very high cost of legal services. Discounts can be even higher during an initial “trial period.”

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